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Fly Fearless: Your Petite Powerhouse

Welcome to my world of empowerment!


I'm thrilled to help women soar fearlessly in male-dominated industries. Imagine a St. Michael's medallion, a cherished gift from my sister, with the words "Fly Fearless" etched upon it. It serves as a powerful symbol of breaking boundaries and embracing courage.


As an Army Flight Engineer, I navigated turbulent skies in a Chinook helicopter. But it was more than just flying; it embodied the promise I made to myself and to every woman daring to defy limitations.


As a life coach, I draw upon my experiences to empower women in male-dominated industries, rewriting the rules for success. My specialization guides them to embrace their authentic selves, shatter archaic rules, and pave the way for a new era of female leaders. Together, we will conquer the skies, unleashing the power within.


Through strategic coaching sessions, I ignite their potential and help them overcome the barriers that hold them back from achieving their dreams. I am passionate about guiding women to recognize what hinders their progress and empowering them to move forward fearlessly.


But my commitment goes beyond coaching. As I aim to empower women in male-dominated fields, I champion causes close to my heart, such as veteran suicide prevention and animal rescue, and I am dedicated to leading by example. I believe in fostering empathy and making a positive impact on the world.

florida hurricane relief mission

Fly Fearless with me on this extraordinary journey of transforming the landscape of female leadership in traditionally male-dominated industries.

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